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After my rebirth, I got married

After my rebirth, I got married

After my rebirth, I got married

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    After my rebirth, I got married
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    A bunch of spicy strips
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2022-08-05 14:29:22
[rebirth], [vest troupe favorite], [white cut black vs don't twist] GU Xiao was accidentally involved in the storm of inheritance in her previous life, but she only saw the man she had followed since childhood, even if she transferred the inheritance, she should keep him around once the situation changed, she was imprisoned miserably. A few friends around her died one after another. Looking at the man's rampant appearance, she died in despair in her struggle unexpectedly, she was reborn one day. Don't blame her for destroying flowers scum man, she personally sent him to prison, waved her sleeve without leaving her name; Bailian green tea, she personally taught her to be a man, bearing the reputation of reborn parents; Bully, she beat him all over the ground looking for teeth, turned to complain and cried; And the cats and dogs who blocked her way. She changed her life against the sky. She didn't need a finger to turn them over in an instant... therefore, the slap on the face was only in an instant I watched her get along with the wind and the water. The young man of the marriage can only hold her hard core and act as a spoiled child. However, I inadvertently found the mountain of vest at home in many places, so I can only shake my head and spoil her.

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