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A peasant s happy wife dressed as a tyrant

A peasant s happy wife dressed as a tyrant

A peasant s happy wife dressed as a tyrant

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    A peasant s happy wife dressed as a tyrant
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    Fan incense dyed green sandalwood
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    Free Novel
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2022-08-05 14:00:15
The music goes through it was worn on a poor little man who was killed because he refused to be sold to the old man as a concubine by a homeless relative her husband's life and death are uncertain, her mother-in-law is ill and her family property is robbed... however, no matter which one, she is lying in a coffin waiting to be buried alive no matter how bad the start is, we still have to live so the music you want to open smashed through the coffin board on your head and grabbed your own property with a kitchen knife no problem can't be solved with one punch. If one punch doesn't work, just two punches although the small mountain village is poor, its back is against the mountain, guarding the fields in front of the village, and then teasing relatives to walk the dog at any time, life can also be lively and colorful however, just when she planned everything for the future clearly, her husband, who was reported to have died in the battle, came back just because she is in poor health, her legs can't walk, her hands can't lift, and she will be dizzy if she basks in the sun more... Yueyin wants to break up. After all, she can't afford to serve such a "charming flower" because she is such a strong and soft girl I didn't want to put forward this idea. The originally delicate husband who couldn't take care of himself suddenly deceived himself. The blade in his hand was cold and cold: do you really want to break up? Why don't you think about it Music:... Did the knife in your hand give me time to think about it [Reader Group No.: 218979508]

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