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Meet your deskmate

Meet your deskmate

Meet your deskmate

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    Meet your deskmate
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2022-08-05 15:31:41
At the beginning of senior three, Xu Yan and Tong Wanqing were divided into three classes. Xu Yan secretly loves Lin Ziqing. Tong Wanqing likes Dong Chenghao. The two people who have their own favorite objects have become the same table without talking. They help each other in study, care and understand each other in life, and gradually form a special tacit understanding. Xu Yan often creates opportunities for Tong Wanqing and Dong Chenghao, and Tong Wanqing is also the only person in the class who knows Xu Yan's mind. Because Lin Ziqing studies art, which is quite different from the life of class III. In order to match up Xu Yan, Tong Wanqing encourages Xu Yan to pursue Lin Ziqing actively, but Xu Yan, who is born with low self-esteem, is always indifferent. After independent enrollment, Tong Wanqing and Dong Chenghao entered the golden Vocational College in advance, while Xu Yan stayed to continue the college entrance examination. At the University, they gradually broke off contact until Tong Wanqing's wedding and they met again.

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